01.Piano Fantasia – Song For Denise
02.Twilight – My Mind
03.Three Five – Searching For Your Love
04.Evelyn Barry – Take It As A Game
05.Steve Martin – Roxide
06.Eddy Brando – Break Out
07.P.Lion – Happy Children
08.Yvonne Koomen – Last Night
09.Ocean Wings – Loving In The Snow
10.Alicja – So Wonderful
11.DJ Division – Din Da Da
12.Mirage – Woman
13.Reeds – In Your Eyes
14.Caron – Out Of The Night
15.Electra – Cuando Cuando
16.Mr.Zivago – Little Russian
17.Roger Meno – I Find The Way
18.Roger Meno – What My Heart Wanna Say
19.William King – Robin Hood
20.Airplay – For Your Love
21.Limit Eccitation – In The Dark
22.Bad Boys Blue – Pretty Young Girl
23.Brando – Rainy Day
24.Mr.Flagio – Take A Chance
25.Bad Boys Blue – You’re A Woman
26.Sandy Marton – People From Ibiza
27.Alan Barry – Come On
28.Del Faro – Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
29.Matia Bazar – Ti Sento
30.Brando – Rainy Day
31.Alex C – Tonight All Night
32.The Flirts – Passion
33.Kelly Brown – Only You Can
34.Ken Laszlo – Don’t Cry
35.Cyber People – Polaris
36.My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
37.Fun Fun – Happy Station
38.Kano – Queen of Witches
39.Roberto Zanetti – Italodisco
40.Duke Lake – Satisfaction, Love & Passion
41.Chris Luis – The Heart Of The City
42.Mirage – No More No War
43.Alan Ross – Valentino Mon Amour
44.Dj’s Project – Vision Of Love
45.J.D. Jaber – Don’t Stop Lovin’
46.Brand Image – Love In The Summer Night
47.Joy – Touch By Touch
48.Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy
49.Solid Strangers – Music In The Night
50.Gazebo – Love In Your Eyes
51.Silent Circle – Stop the Rain in the Night
52.Time – Shaker Shake
53.Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita
54.Gary Low – I Want You
55.Mauro – Buona Sera Ciao Ciao
56.Fancy – Lady Of Ice
57.Koto – Visitors
58.Mozzart – Devil’s Rendezvous
59.Cliff Turner – Moonlight Affair
60.Ken Laszlo – Tonight
61.New Baccara – Fantasy Boy
62.Gazebo – Masterpiece
63.Gary Low – You Are a Danger
64.Costas Charitodiplomenos – New York
65.B.B. And The Band – Hold Me Tight
66.Gina T. – Tokyo By Night
67.Knight$ – Hijack My Heart
68.Gazebo – Lunatic
69.Bad Boys Blue – Come Back and Stay
70.Mandy – Fill Me Up
71.Joe Yellow – Lover To Lover
72.Stefano Pulga – Love Taker
73.Den Harrow – To Meet Me
74.The Twins – Face To Face, Heart To Heart
75.Stefano Pulga – Love Taker
76.Trans-X – Living On Video
77.Latin Lover – Casanova Action


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