01.The Weeknd – Blinding Lights
02.Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World
03.Leonard Cohen – A Thousand Kisses
04.Dimie Cat – Ping Pong
05.Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
06.Gerard Joling – Ticket To The Tropics
07.Dakis – Tamally Maak
08.Thievery Corporation – Amerimacka
09.Paul Weller – You Do Something
10.Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan
11.Biagio Antonacci – Quanto Tempo E Ancora
12.Terry Callier – Speak Your Peace
13.Monte La Rue – Passe Partout
14.Soha – C’est Bien Mieux Comme Ca
15.Cais Sodrι Funk Connection – Mae Negra
16.Palov & A.Angelides – Lokums Matches
17.Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – PIMP
18.Tape Five – Tequila
19.Ballistic Brothers – Portobello
20.Trio Mocoto – Nγo Adianta
21.Sylow – Dilemma
22.Palov & Mishkin – Et De Clarinette
23.Ornella Vanoni – Per L’etemita
24.LVDS – 1925
25.In Grid – Ne me quitte pas
26.Waldeck – Memories
27.Little Violet – Limits
28.DJ Pantelis – I’m So Excited
29.Jose Padilla – Bosaxi
30.Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further
31.Gotan Project – Last Tango In Paris
32.Michelle Gurevich – End of an era
33.Ania Maria – Come With Me
34.Ben Onono – Tattoo Blue
35.Nina Zilli – Una Notta
36.Lou Bega – Mambo (The Trumpet)
37.Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good
38.Dj Pantelis & Nick Saley – Ola Se Thimizoun
39.DJ Pantelis Feat.P.Luis Ferrer – La Tarde Triste
40.Ava Max – Kings & Queens
41.Cuisy Ferreri – Besame Musho
42.Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
43.Tanita Tikaram – Twist In My Sobriety
44.Louis Prima – Sing Sing Sing
45.Barry Manilow – Never Gonna Give You Up
46.Herb Alpert feat.Lani Hall – Puttin’ On The Ritz


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