01.Intro vs Dyva – On Fire
02.Fair Control – Symphony Of Love
03.Arkadias – Don’t Cry Tonight
04.Stargo – Live is Life
05.Giorgio Moroder – Shannon’s Eyes
06.The S.O.S. Band – Just Be Good To Me
07.Radiorama – Hey Hey
08.Jimmy & Suzy – Come Back
09.Lucia – Marinero
10.Radiorama – Desire
11.Ago – Computer (in my mind)
12.Do Piano – Again
13.Ken Laszlo –
14.Brian Ice – Talking To The Night
15.Radiorama – Chance To Desire
16.Savage – Only You
17.Lee Marrow – Shanghai
18.Robey – One Night In Bangkok
19.The Twins – Ballet Dancer
20.Lian Ross – Say You’ll Never
21.Eddy Huntington – U.S.S.R.
22.Maltese – Mama
23.Bad Boys Blue – I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat
24.Mike Rogers – Just a Story
25.Bad Boys Blue – Gimme Gimme Your Lovin
26.Modern Talking – Atlantis Is Calling
27.Off – Electrica Salsa
28.Hally & Kongo Band – Africana Man
29.Dos – You Are Danger
30.Time – Love Is The Reason
31.C.C Catch – Cause You Are You Young
32.Bandolero – Paris Latino
33.Reeds – In Your Eyes
34.Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond
35.Jimmy mc Foy – Hi Girl
36.Fred Ventura – The Years Go By
37.The Flirts – Helpless
38.Flagio – Take A Chance
39.Bad Boys Blue – Pretty Young Girl
40.My Mine – Hypnotic Tango
41.Del Faro – Bandierra La Playa Del Sol
42.Meccano – Activate My Heart
43.Sandy Marton – People From Ibiza
44.Den Harrow – Future Brain
45.Joy – Touch By Touch
46.Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita
47.Palmer – Computer Guy
48.Fun Fun – Happy Station
49.Silent Circle – Touch In The Night
50.Carrara – Disco King
51.Solid Strangers – Music In The Night
52.Linda Jo Rizzo – Passion
53.Max Him – Lady Fantasy
54.Gazebo – Masterpiece
55.Sandra – In The Heat Of The Night
56.Marx & Spencer – Stay
57.Joe Yellow – Lover To Lover
58.The Twins – Face to Face , Heart to Heart
59.Trans X – Living On Video
60.Bad Boys Blue – I Totally Miss You


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80s, Audio


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